Smileactives Reviews By QVC are Legit or Fake?

Smile Actives is a dentist grade tooth whitening gel that is used in addition to regular toothpaste to remove surface stains and imperfections on teeth. The gel was designed by a professional biochemist and a team of scientists who worked together to create a revolutionary teeth whitening technology that is safe and easy to use at home. Smile Actives comes as a gel and as a whitening pen, both of which increase the whiteness of teeth within 30 days. Total Cost Breakdown The cost of Smile Actives is $29.95 and the shipping is FREE! Price is from As Seen on TV Commercial page: TV Commercial How It Works Smile Actives uses Polyclean Technology that boosts the start of stain removal and creates a soft foam texture, The foam works to carry active whitening agents into the grooves and dips of teeth. Benefits No Mess Traditional teeth whitening methods such as gel trays and stick on products can be messy and are easy to ruin. Smile Actives is simple to use and no messier than a regular toothpaste. Quick Results This whitening product works in as little as307 days. In a clinical trial, participants used Smile Actives for 30 days and found that by the end of day 30, their teeth were 6x whiter than before the trial. Convenient Using Smile Actives is a convenient way to whiten your teeth.

To get results, there is no need to spend extra time brushing or caring for your teeth- the product can be applied along with your toothpaste and then rinsed away without any additional steps. Easy to Use Apply Apply a small amount of Smile Actives onto your toothbrush along side your regular toothpaste. Brush your teeth as normal and rinse once you have completed brushing. How it's Different from Competitors Smile Actives stands out from other whitening products because it is gel based. It is also backed up by a successful month long clinical trial and created by a biochemistry professional and skilled scientists, unlike many other products on the market. In addition, Smile Actives turns into a foam once it is introduced into the mouth- this foam then works to penetrate deep into and between teeth, whereas other whitening systems may only clean the surface. Warnings Do Not Swallow Smile Actives is not to be swallowed as the active whitening ingredient is hydrogen peroxide which can cause illness if ingested. Swallowing the product may result in an upset stomach, allergic reaction, and other minor sicknesses. Avoid Eye Contact The whitening agents used in Smile Actives are not to be introduced into the body by way of the eyes. Introduction through this method may cause pain, discomfort, and irritation among other things.

Actives are not to be introduced into the body by way of the eyes. Introduction through this method may cause pain, discomfort, and irritation among other things. Alternatives Smile Brilliant Smile brilliant is a whitening gel that comes in a sterile syringe. Each syringe can be used 3,6, or 9 times, and the product keeps cleaning up to 40 minutes after the gel has been removed. Grinigh Grinigh teeth whitening gel contains 35 percent carbamide peroxide and can be used for 20-60 minutes per treatment. The gel has a subtle mint flavor. Opalescence The Opalescence teeth whitening gel system contains either carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide and targets either exterior or interior stains, depending on which product is purchased. Opalescence is mint flavored. Go Smile From Go Smile, this teeth whitening gel uses Hyperox Technology to remove stains. The gel is added to toothpaste and has been tested on a group of willing participants who reported that the product works. Spa Dent Spa Dent whitening gel can be used in a tray or as a nighttime toothpaste. It is silica, lactose, and gluten free. The product comes in an airless pump that is easy to use. Complaints Doesn't Work One customer said that they used Smile Actives for a full week and did not notice any visible changes in the color of their teeth.

A second unhappy client said that after 2 full weeks of use, they only saw a vary small change in their whiteness. Then another customer said that three people in their household tried this product with no visible results at all. Mixed Reviews While some reviews state that the product did visibly whiten their teeth as advertised, there were also many bad reviews saying that the product did not work. It is possible that this is due to customers not using Smile Active properly, however, this leads me to believe that it might not work as described on their website. Save Money Smile Actives are a great substitute to having your teeth professionally whitened. Visits to the dentist office can be costly and you often have to take time off from work or school to attend them. Using this product in your own home will not only save you the cost of making appointments, it will also save you time. Tips & Tricks 60 Day Guarantee This product is backed by a full 60 day satisfaction guarantee. Meaning that you get to try it for two months, and then if your not happy with its performance, simply return the bottles, even if they are empty, for your money back. Less shipping and handling. Members Program Smile Actives has a members program that allows you to sign up, customize a kit with the products that you want and have it conveniently shipped to you on a schedule that you decide. This is a no commitment program with no obligations. You will be able to cancel your member ship at any time.

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