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Covixyl-V Nasal Spray Reviews:Is It Use Or Not?

How does CovixylTM work?

Most respiratory viruses enter the body through the nose, where they adhere and start replicating on nasal cells. For up to six (6) hours after usage, CovixylTM shields the body against infection by forming a physical barrier in the nasopharynx that inhibits airborne respiratory viruses from adhering to the cell walls. This impact was shown by our scanning electron microscopy at the University of Wyoming. After an incubation period during which cells were first treated with CovixylTM and then infected with the virus, the control group's cells saw virions emerging from them, suggesting infection and reproduction. This behaviour was absent in the treated cells, demonstrating an absence of infection.

Can anybody use CovixylTM?

For those over the age of 12, CovixylTM has been clinically shown to be both safe and effective. Before taking CovixylTM, anybody under the age of 12 or a woman who is pregnant or nursing should speak with a doctor. The results of the experiment indicated that the treated cells had no signs of infection, showing that CovixylTM was successful in preventing any invasion.

Does using CovixylTM mean I do not need a vaccine?

CovixylTM is intended to work in conjunction with other health officials' recommended mitigating strategies in addition to immunisations. For defence against respiratory infections that are spread through the air, we do not advise depending entirely on CovixylTM.

Does CovixylTM really work?

whileYes! Covixyl Mixyl M has exceeded expectations in every lab test. Four times as many patients were determined to be infection-free compared to the placebo group following a 6-day testing period in our human clinical trial on patients with the Delta variation of COVID, which is the most severe version to date. In our hamster test, 100% of the animals given Covixyl MixylTM before infection developed infections, whereas 100% of the control animals developed infections, as shown by severe weight loss. The graph below illustrates this.

By day 6, the blue control group had all lost more than 10 percent of their body weight before gaining it back. Covixyl TM is an essential component of your personal security strategy. We advise you to use every safety measure at your disposal. Covixyl is not a replacement for these, but rather an additional barrier that makes it easier to avoid the extremely contagious strains like Omicron BA5 that are now appearing. CovixylTM is also effective in preventing the flu and other viruses from entering the nose. Hand-to-mouth and hand-to-eye contact are two ways for viruses to enter the body; make sure to keep washing your hands.

Does Covixyl TM cause any side effects?

Major negative effects from using Covixyl TM are not yet known. There may be a brief period of minor stinging when spraying in the nose; however, this sensation quickly passes. This is owing to the somewhat acidic composition of the formulation, one of Covixyl's numerous strategies for making life challenging for viruses. CovixylTM is absolutely safe since it only contains substances that are designated as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) or USP (United States Pharmacopeia). This spray is non-toxic, drug-free, and alcohol-free.

How do I use Covixyl TM?

Remove the top while holding the container upright, and spray until a thin mist appears. Then, put the nozzle tip no more than a quarter inch into your nose (1 cm). Spray into the nasal cavity by angling the container backward. Spray each nostril twice. You can spray twice into each nostril or alternate nostrils.

How long does Covixyl TM work?

CovixylTM can be applied again to provide protection for up to six (6) hours of use. More frequent applications of CovixylTM are safe, especially in high-risk regions (crowds at a concert, travellers on public transportation, etc.). You should reapply if you sneeze or blow your nose hard.

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