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Air Whirl Crisper Lid Reviews:Don't order until you read this

With the help of air circulation, the All Star Kitchen Air Whirl Crisper creates a hot convection oven inside your pan. Utilizes your cooktop to air fry, bake, and reheat food to the ideal temperature while working with the majority of pots and pans. Air Whirl wonderfully crisps great fried food in a fraction of the time with just a cover. The Air Whirl's supercharged turbo fan circulates air to create a whirling, hot convection oven inside your pan, frying food quickly, easily, and healthily. This is the crispy secret!
If you are accustomed to using the multi-cookers of the Instant Pot, cooking with this lid will feel quite natural to you. You still hear the same musical alarm when it is properly placed on the base, but it doesn't lock onto the base like the pressure-cooking lid. While cooking, you won't be able to look inside the pot's bottom, but you may remove the lid to check on how your meal is doing in the middle of the cooking process. You don't have to worry about the lid rolling around during cooking because it is relatively substantial (the handbook claims it weighs just under six pounds). It's crucial to understand that you cannot turn on the Instant Pot base and lid of the air fryer at the same time.The Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid might be a suitable choice for you if you're just starting to experiment with air frying. We preferred the Instant Pot's version over the other air fryer lids available because of how uniformly it cooked without drying out the f

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